Hallway in the style of Provence

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Прихожая в стиле прованс

Hallway in the style of Provence

Would you like to, to about your taste, style, your character say the very walls of the house? Yes? Then, stylish and cozy must be not only living, kitchen and bedroom. Declare the style and taste to have in the hallway.

Suppose, To receive your hall in the style of Provence. The style is rather specific, and you think, that for a regular small hallway he did not fit. So you have just bought the hallway furniture cheaply and finished it at this design. Still, let's try and correct it, prezentatsionnoe, transform a room and make it in the style of the whole apartment.

How convenient entrance hall in the style of Provence? Firstly, is artificially aged furniture, which will be invisible traces of your careless with her treatment. Secondly, Furniture in the style of Provence very roomy. And if you have a large family, you will not be difficult to place all outer clothing households is in the hallway closets. Thirdly, color style of Provence, materials processing walls, floors and ceilings visually enlarge the space. In addition, it is quite warm and cozy style, which allows you to immediately feel the warmth and comfort of home.

Let's start with the ceiling. Entrance hall - it is usually a small room. To visually enlarge, make the ceiling light, the more so as it does not contradict this style, наоборот. You can make a ceiling relief, View of the Palace under the ceiling 18-19 Ages. This decision will visually increase the ceiling height. Do not forget about lighting. In the style of Provence lighting should be warm, calm, but light enough. For example, you can hang ornate wrought-iron chandelier.

With ceilings sorted, And what about the floor? Not a bad bargain! Provence style does not like the floor of linoleum or laminate. It is better to let it be wooden parquet, hallway - the right decision.

With respect to the walls, here you already know perfectly well, knowing the style of Provence, the walls are pastel colors, carelessly plastered or pasted wallpaper relief. In some places you can simulate masonry, in the style of Provence appropriate and looks harmonious.

A furniture should be such, as if it was for many years. Quite common now furnished with the effect of artificial aging. Therefore choose small cupboard in the hallway, appropriate style, is not difficult.

Choosing furniture, start from the fact, in Provence color - this is important. That color creates this style. It should be moderate and calm. After Provence - it's not just the style of the French village house, this sea, the sun, it smells, at last, various plants.

By the way, about plants. Clear, that in the hallway quite inappropriate and awkward to put fresh flowers. But Provence loves flowers, and to please him, arrange pots with dried flowers or hang them on the wall in the beautiful forged Stand.

If a small hallway, то можно Buy Clothes rack Clothes. Только and it must not go beyond style. It can be forged, with beautiful ornate design.

Almost all doorways, which are in the hallway, You can hang a light curtain. Provence style love, to the curtains were tied with ribbons. This is convenient, and very nice, and emphasizes style. Material curtains should be natural - Provence not tolerate anything artificial. Is good on the curtains floral ornament. Only the flowers should not be very bright and large.

That's how the style of the French countryside can live in a city apartment quite harmoniously, pleasing owners for its originality and comfort.


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